Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Latest Git Server Status

from cwhuang's mail :

Hi All,

Since the old git server sometimes suffered from bandwidth issues,
we moved it to a new server provided by Taiwan Linux User Group (TwLUG).

We also simplified the git url from git:// to

That is, for repo init, it is
$ repo init -u git://

For each individual Android project, it is

The old url is still valid, but maybe removed in the future.

The Android mirror ( is moved

So to get the original Android tree from our mirror, use
$ repo init -u git://

The gitweb does not work yet on the new git server.
We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 is temporary down

info from cwhuang: is temporary down, please use

By the way, you can join our mailing list for the latest discussion

You can also follow android-x86 to see the latest comment at twitter

Saturday, September 19, 2009

cant not access from Mainland China

At this moment, the people from Mainland China can not access

If you are in Mainland China, cwhuang suggested us to try anonther web address

If you have any idea to resolve this problem, please let us know, thanks !!

And I hope the following article can also help you:


richliu tested our google site by

and this is the report

Tested From:Shanghai, ChinaTested At:2009-09-18
06:27:33 (GMT -04:00)URL Tested:
As: Status:couldn't connect to host Response Time:0.939
sec DNS:0.939 sec Connect:0.000 sec Redirect:0.000 sec First
Byte:0.000 sec Last Byte:0.000 sec Size:0 bytes

( traceroute results from Shanghai, China )
1203.142.12.1CN20 %540.8771.1181.646 2152.104.168.2
( %551.0151.3521.588 3152.104.134.241
( %5518.33319.32722.602 4152.104.130.2
( %5518.39118.62818.931 5219.142.0.125CN0
( %5519.03320.85324.466 7202.97.57.217CN0

( traceroute results from US ) %550.4010.5490.689
( %550.4640.6460.796
( %551.1605.50910.835
( %551.1515.73611.226
( %550.8301.1331.825 6209.85.249.34US0 %550.8417.71034.595 7209.85.250.126US0 %554.4864.7995.170 8209.85.250.144US0 %556.9918.20511.727 964.233.174.121US0 %556.85522.44983.867 1072.14.232.10US0 %557.1258.33512.111
( %556.9026.9497.01

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Build 20090916

Announcement from cwhuang ( )  :

 The Android-x86 project is glad to announce a new daily build 20090916 for public testing. A live cd iso and usb image are available from our site:


Build 20090916 is Android 1.6 (Donut) based. In addition to the features available in previous release, the new build contains
  • Ethernet status tracker. You can configure ethernet to DHCP or static IP via GUI.
  • Proxy Setting.
  • Adjustable Alarm Clock volume.
  • Video Player.
  • OpenIntents File Manager.
  • AndAppStore client for application installation.
  • RockOn For Android.
  • Better mouse cursor.
  • More sample applications.
  • A lot of bug fixes. Wifi is more stable. Application download works.
As Google just released the Android SDK 1.6, Android-x86 build 20090916 may be the first available platform for the developers to test new features of Android 1.6 (except the emulator).

Released Files

  • Live CD iso: android-x86-20090916.iso
  • sha1sum: c3ba5672a93f0157976cc72e333a7ce0ba8e5f22
  • Live USB image: android-x86-20090916_usb.img.gz
  • sha1sum:  d03090e1c15a1bc5fd5890e3aeef722e141a8ba2

Source code

As uaual, the source code is available in our git server:
$ repo init -u git://
$ repo sync
Test reports (success or fail) are welcome. Please send the reports to the Android-x86 discussion group.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The wifi problem has been fixed

Recntly, people reported issues with wifi. The bug really has nothing to do with the wifi. It is a memory usage issue inside the system property manager. Long ago, I changed the size of system property name to support user configure-able battery sysfs path. This change will cause the size of shared memory for the system properties to increase. But the original code of shared memory creation uses a hard coded size and I was not aware of that. When the amonut of the total used system property entries increased to certain level, segfault will happen since system property entry may have pointed to a wrong address. After adjusted the code to create the share memory, it seems that the problem goes away.
If you are still seeing the issue, please report it in the discussion group.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Ethernet State Tracker is pushed into master branch

We have merged new Ethernet State Tracker into master branch from the eth branch. You can get it with the normal repo sync. It is still in an early stage, Chih-wei has pointed out that we missed some features like status icon and notifications for the connection up and down. we will continue to work on it.
For now, the ethernet is enabled by default. If you don't want to use it, you will have to manually disable it from the setting.
Please report the issues you found in Android-x86 discussion group.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Please Help us to Promote the Android-x86 Website

We have a sticker now. Please consider to put this sticker on your blog.
Please help us to promote the Android-x86 website. Thank you !!

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