Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Nice Feature for the Touch Only Device

Buzz from Yi Sun
Android-x86 has a nice feature for the touch only device (no to have a button at all). If you touch the right corner of the status bar, it enables a touch mode that allows you to simulate the home/menus buttons through some touch actions on the status bar (see With the Amazon test drive, when you click the right corner of the status bar, you will see a dialog showing up on the screen that tells you to wait for the function to be turned on. Even though the full feature does not work with the Amazon test drive, but it proves that Amazon is using our software.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Amazon Test Drive Use Android-x86 !!

Today,our main developer Yi Sun confirmed that the Amazon use our android-x86 :p  

         Yi Sun - I'm 100% sure it is Android-x86. Since these icons
                        (battery, ethernet) are made by Chih-wei and me :-)

        5:51 AM
        ( Buzz from here)

Several days ago, Amazon's Appstore provide a new service to let users can test the android app online before they buy it. Its name is Amazon Test Drive. (  Engadget: lets you play with an Android virtual machine, try apps before you buy them )

@bluestacksinc found Amazon Test Drive might run the android apps on andorid-x86 in Amazon EC2.

In fact,  @bluestacksinc also provide an android VM on x86 platform. ( @techoutfitters BluesStacks Can Run Android on x86-based Windows PCs -- )

Hi, @Amazon, thank you for choosing !!

Cheers !!

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Some Statistics about Project

During 2009-08-26 ~ 2011-04-02, 
  We got 4,318,203 pageviews (1,830,098 visitis).
  1,120,291 absolute unique visitors came to our site.
  178,043 visits came from android (9.73%).  
  242,275 pageviews came from android-x86 installed machines.

Last month,
  We got  43,271 visits (16.83%) from android and
  65,514 pagesviews came from android-x86 installed machines

  1578 people subscribed android-x86 google group 
  696 people followed @android_x86   

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Happy hacking !!