Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to steal other people's work and credit

Mr. Min-su, Kim

I have seen the Andriod bug fixing submitted by you in;a=commitdiff;h=0e5e294e978c028aff273afb0a637c73534c8ac2;hp=dbeb84850fcc446db6bc3536aecbf5266b2a36bd

I have did the same fix for Android-x86 last year right after Eclair released and my friend Chih-wei has submitted this fix to google last year. In the fix, I changed DEBUG to LINKERDEBUG and it is because that the Android-X86 has such a special global flag called DEBUG and it conflicts with the original flag defined inside the linker.c. The thing I'm curious most is that in the fix,What was your reason to change the flag name in your first patch set?

it is just an one line fix. But it took me two dame evenings to debug it. So it will be a real shame if you simply just cut and pasted it from us.

Just for your own good, I have a suggestion, next time, when you steal someone's code, please do change something based on the original code (add a ; or space or more empty lines) so that you can insist that you made the code yourself when the original owner bust you,


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Android-x86 1.6 r2 is ready

Chiwei has released R2 of Android-x86 1.6

ReleaseNote 1.6-r2
The Android-x86 project is glad to announce the second stable release of 1.6 to the public. The live cd iso and usb image are available at


Test reports (success or fail) are welcome as always. Please send the reports to the Android-x86 discussion group. If you are working on Android for x86 platform, welcome to join us. See the contact information.

Key features

In addition to the features in previous stable release, 1.6-r2 contains the following new features

* Camcorder works. You can record video and sound
* An experimental support of 3G USB modem
* mksh, a better shell is added to replace android's dumb sh.
* busybox is added to provide useful command line tools.
* Touchscreen calibration (back port from eclair-x86).
* Third party apps are updated.
* A lot of bug fixes.

Released Files

* Live CD iso: android-x86-1.6-r2.iso

sha1sum: 907e69f3e10d1024b1677098b337e87253e87593
* Live USB image: android-x86-1.6-r2_usb.img.gz

sha1sum: b55494f9f4ea2e67062afd921ddee56e64e46b5d

The images have all symbols stripped so they are much smaller compared to previous releases.

Source code

As uaual, the source code is available in the main git server,

$ repo init -u git:// -b donut-x86
$ repo sync

as well as the SourceForge mirror:

$ repo init -u git:// -b donut-x86

Read here for how to compile the source code.

The Android-x86 project is nothing to do with the clones or