Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ethernet support for Eclair

I have created two patches for Ethernet support in Eclair. I don't want to check them in until I finish a complete test. For the early access, you can download it from the download section in

BTW--Chih-wei has also posted a nice video on youtube to demonstrate a really fast fastboot of Android-x86 on EeePC 901. You can find the video from


Monday, December 21, 2009

Merge the Ethernet support to Eclair

I'm in the San Jose Airport now, and about to head to Park city for my vacation.
I was really hoping to make the Ethernet to work before I leave for the vacation ,
I worked until this morning, but unfortunatly, there are still some issues. So, sorry
guys, no Ethernet for Christmas ;-) But I will try to get it to work before the new year for sure.

Friday, December 18, 2009

shorter Todo list

Ok, we (Kelly, Swan, Swallace and others) have solved three ToDo items during this week. Next,We will try to address the Ethernet and also hope to fix Camera soon.

1. Merge Etherenet changes
2. Fix the Camera issue
3. Fix the sleep issue happened after switched to phone policy (Expected)
4. Fix the home key issue happened after switched to phone policy (Done)
5. soft keyboard support (Done)
6. port libhgl from 1.6 to Eclair.


Monday, December 14, 2009

The long Eclair ToDo list

We are still working on Eclair merge. Most of the features have been merged in already. And I have switched to use phone policy from mid policy. Here is the current ToDo list:
1. Merge Etherenet changes
2. Fix the Camera issue
3. Fix the sleep issue happened after switched to phone policy
4. Fix the home key issue happened after switched to phone policy
5. soft keyboard support
6. port libhgl from 1.6 to Eclair.

I hope we can close first 5 items in two weeks (not include the holiday week).

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The new HowTo page for debugging

I have wrote a quick note about how to do debugging inside Android-x86 environment. Since we are closing up the feature development on the donut-x86 branch, we believe that more and more people will start to use Android-x86 to write the real applications. So I wrote this simple HowTo to help people on debugging. You can find this HowTo in the documentation section on If you have any question about it, please send e-mail to android-x86 discussion group directly.

Currently, we are doing a final verification on the Camcorder feature. The donut-x86 branch will have a full feature support after we pushed in the Camcorder support.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Search all Android-x86 web sites

I just turned off the default search engine at But you can use our own Google Custom Search Engine ( ) to search all related web sites: ** ,* ,* ,*

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Android 2.0 (Eclair) for x86 is built-able

Copied e-mail from Chih-wei Huang

Hi list,
I'm glad to tell you the good news, though it is still far from complete.
With the Yi's great help and hard working, the Android-x86 master branch (eclair) is now built-able. Get it as usual:

repo init -u git://
repo sync

The SourceForge mirror is also available
repo init -u git://
repo sync

(if you already have a donut-x86 tree, you can repo init & sync
in the same tree to save time)

Before making, you need to modify frameworks/base/preloaded-classes
to replace PhoneWindow with MidWindow.

The bad news is I only succeeded to boot it in vbox with uvesafb driver.
(i.e., select the first boot item)
See the screenshots at
But uvesafb on vbox has known issue, the screen blinking.
The normal vesa driver doesn't work.
It shown black screen and hung.
On real Eee PC, all drivers (vesa, uvesa, i915) don't work.

Anyway, if you are a developer and want to help us to debug,
just try it.

Things not merged yet:
* ethernet
* some wifi (combined with ethernet)
* preloaded-classes
* 3d acceleration
* large screen support(?)

* ethernet configuration

* adjustable alarm sound

Android-x86 project

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Eclair is up running on VirtualBox

After the thanksgiving holiday, we had worked on the Eclair merge for 24 hours a day on everyday (well, I'm in US, Chih-wei is in Taiwan, so both of us worked together for 24 hours a day). After fixed audioflinger, camera code, removed opengl, fixed linker and merge conflicts and ...... when I open my e-mail box this morning, I saw Chih-wei's e-mail named "First Screenshots of Eclair on vbox", so I can not just stop myself to write this blog even longer to let people know this news. We will clean up the things and push the changes to master tree. Surely, we have a lot of fixup works need to be done, but, hi, it boots. It is a good start :-)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New git mirror is ready for use

To solve the git repo accessing problem from North America and EU, Chih-Wei has built a new git mirror server on SourceForge
To use it, you need to do :

repo init -u git://
-b donut-x86
repo sync

Note the SourceForge manifest points all projects
to the mirror.
(no matter modified by android-x86 or not)