Monday, October 26, 2009

new daily build 20091024 is available

Android-x86 project is glad to announce a new daily build 20091024 for public testing. A live cd iso and usb image are available from our site:

Build 20091024 is Android 1.6 (Donut) based. In addition to the features available in previous release, the new build contains

* Bluetooth support.
* ACPI4ASUS kernel support back port .
* Made Chinese IME to work correctly
* Made software keyboard to be enabled based on user configuration
* Added ConnectBot to support SSH client.
* Large size screen support (1024x768)
* New power button dialog to support reboot.
* Fixed the airplan mode issue reported before.
* Fixed keyboard layout issues reported before.
* Fixed Web browser crash with https access issue.
* A lot of other bug fixes.

Released Files

* Live CD iso: android-x86-20091024.iso

md5sum: f57c7ad13deef92632d3dbcdfd40e7f5
* Live USB image: android-x86-20090916_usb.img.gz

md5sum: abf007c478d6e8238fe93360f09af6d2

Source code

As usual, the source code is available in our git server:

$ repo init -u git://
$ repo sync

Test reports (success or fail) are welcome. Please send the reports to the Android-x86 discussion group.