Monday, April 18, 2011

Amazon Test Drive Use Android-x86 !!

Today,our main developer Yi Sun confirmed that the Amazon use our android-x86 :p  

         Yi Sun - I'm 100% sure it is Android-x86. Since these icons
                        (battery, ethernet) are made by Chih-wei and me :-)

        5:51 AM
        ( Buzz from here)

Several days ago, Amazon's Appstore provide a new service to let users can test the android app online before they buy it. Its name is Amazon Test Drive. (  Engadget: lets you play with an Android virtual machine, try apps before you buy them )

@bluestacksinc found Amazon Test Drive might run the android apps on andorid-x86 in Amazon EC2.

In fact,  @bluestacksinc also provide an android VM on x86 platform. ( @techoutfitters BluesStacks Can Run Android on x86-based Windows PCs -- )

Hi, @Amazon, thank you for choosing !!

Cheers !!

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