Friday, December 9, 2011

Solutions for some issues found when compile and run ICS-x86

On android-x86 discussion group, some people have posted questions about the issues they found when compile and run ICS-x86. The first issue is about a compile error on Ubuntu 11 (asked by Tom ). When he compiles ICS-x86 generic target, he was seeing following errors:
host C++: llvm-rs-cc <= frameworks/compile/slang/llvm-rs-cc.cpp :0:0: Fehler: »_FORTIFY_SOURCE« redefiniert [-Werror] :0:0: Anmerkung: dies ist die Stelle der vorherigen Definition cc1plus: Alle Warnungen werden als Fehler behandelt make: *** [out/host/linux-x86/obj/EXECUTABLES/llvm-rs-cc_intermediates/ llvm-rs-cc.o] Fehler 1
Robert Sharp <> has posted a solution for this:
Change the following line in frameworks/compile/slang/ to omit -Werror, i.e.: (Before) local_cflags_for_slang := -Wno-sign-promo -Wall -Wno-unused-parameter - Werror (After) local_cflags_for_slang := -Wno-sign-promo -Wall -Wno-unused-parameter
It seems that this issue only happens on Ubuntu 11.x where a newer GCC is installed. Ubuntu 10.04 seems to be ok.
Detail can be found in:

The second issue is about kernel panic:
fuzzy7k has reported a kernel crash with ICS-x86 on his device (Turion X2). Later he tracks the issue down to a wrongly added CPU compiling flag in the file called bionic/libc/ that was changed by Google and Intel engineers. At the meanwhile Chih-wei is trying to get Intel and Google engineers to correct the flag. The detail can be found in following links: